Monday, 16 May 2011

Etsy Seller- Illustrated Ink

Just received an exciting package from one of my favourite etsy sellers, Illustrated Ink. This girls got talent! I've been following her work for over a year now and every time I see it I get so excited! Her old school tattoo and day of the dead aesthetic appeals to me, (by now everyone should know this) and her style and execution is unique.
I would thoroughly recommend you check out her shop!

Here's what I bought;

Thanks Leila!

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  1. Wow, very nice! So old school, jail tattoo retro - really cool! But are they like illustrations, or some kind of magnets or pins?.. Looks awesome though!

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  2. Ester, thank you so much for the love!! What an awesome blog post, I'm honored! You did a perfect job assembling your goodies (loved the pics on Tumblr)! xx, Leila

    P.S. Shelly, thank you and in response to your question - the pics are of paper dolls and a garland. :) I loved to cut and assemble paper dolls as a kid, and I still do!