Sunday, 3 October 2010

Boxfresh hearts my jewellery....


Here's some lovely Boxfresh lovin' from the almighty journo Kieran Yates.


I love jewellery as much as the next girl- Fake dress up gold chains, hoop earrings from Peckham that say ‘Babe’ in the middle, and inappropriately large rings on my fingers- hell yes to all of the above. (After all, half of being a woman is adornment.) Recently though, I’ve been falling in love with the work of designer Ester Kneen, who does an amazing range of brooches/rings/earrings etc that are a little bit more simple and stripped down than my usual attire, but still amazing.Take a look:

skate brooch

(Rollerskate brooch)

bike brooch

Bicycle brooch

inkpot earrings

And my favourite (obvs, I’m a writer)

Inkpot earrings!! Anyway, you’ll see me donning the above alongside the gold-
(GOLDHOOPSFILIFE)-dressing up is fun fam!
Check Ester out on www.etsy.com/shop/esterkneen
Kieran x

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