Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Charlotte Mann

Illustrator Charlotte Mann has been widely talked about over the last year, I never got round to being one of those to mention her, so maybe this is a little overdue but she deserves a mention!

What better way to decorate your home than a made-to-measure or rather measured out and drawn on illustrated wall? These fun illustrations quite literally, add another dimension to a space. They're like a place you want to visit but can't. The intricate illustration makes you want to investigate each little line.

The 'Peter Jensen Resort' project was a set created for a photoshoot.

"The collection was inspired by Diane Arbus. Every aspect of the room I drew is taken from a Diane Arbus photograph, except the wallpaper, which is pure Peter Jensen, and every single bunny drawn freehand."

Her website has a section called 'Other Drawings' where I found some treasures, I love this fashion illustrations.


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