Thursday, 11 February 2010

Project Recycle- time to get creative!

Project Recycle- time to get creative!

On Saturday 30th January contributor Ester Kneen attended 'Project Recycle', an event hosted by SuperSweet Magazine and Beyond Retro.

Thursday February 11th, 2010 2:19 pm
Held in one of Dalston’s creative hubs, ‘The Shopping Village’ studios, a group of designers, fashionistas and vintage clothing aficionados got together for a crafty event. It was a day filled with chocolaty treats, cups of tea and of course, creation.
Imagery throughout courtesy of Ester Kneen. Image depicting back issues of SuperSweet Magazine.
The aim of the event was to create sculptural pieces made from old SuperSweet magazine issues and discarded vintage clothing, to exhibit in an exhibition to be held in Beyond Retro’s huge Cheshire Street store in March. I had my piece planned out beforehand and had decided I would attempt to make a sixteenth century style neck ruff, from layer upon layer of concertina-folded pages of SuperSweet and pieces of fabric taken from vintage finds.
Image depicting Ester’s ruff collar halfway through.
An adventurous idea perhaps, with the time I had to produce it! Nevertheless, in between playing dress up and munching on cookies I cracked on with my making. By the end of the day I had produced 8 layers, a good effort but not quite thick enough! Luckily I was able to take my unfinished creation home to finish later.
Image depicting Ester’s ruff collar at the end of the workshop.
You too can take part by collecting some issues of ‘SuperSweet’ (maximum of 7) from Beyond Retro and making a piece at home. Perhaps you could hold your own event, complete with cookies and chocolaty treats?
Image depicting one of the organisers, Vicky in her stellar creation.
Deadline for entries is March 13th 2010.
More workshops will be run, so contact tiffany@supersweet.org for further details of upcoming events. Check out the website to see some of the entries and for more info.

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