Sunday, 31 January 2010

Rob Ryan

I spent last Wednesday with illustrator and paper cutter extraordinaire Rob Ryan and his team at his studio in Bethnal Green. It was loads of fun. I've loved Rob's work since that infamous cover for Amelia's magazine and it was so good to see him at work. 

It was a busy day preparing Christmas orders and getting together stock for Ryantown, Rob's shop in Covent Garden. Rob has a great little team, including his wife who cooked us lunch, we had gold chocolate coins for pudding!

VisitRyantown on 126 Columbia Road, E2 7RG, for great shopping or just to stand in awe! It's open Saturday from 12-5 and Sunday 9-4 (0207 613 1510). 

Also check out his etsy shop and Tatty Devine's Monmouth Street store, as it stocks some beautiful ceramic tiles, and some Rob Ryan meets Tatty jewellery, definitely worth a look!

Resident artist Alan Kane rebels at the London College of Fashion

Alan Kane's solo exhibition 'Vanitas Vanitatum Omnia Vanitas :)' opened last Tuesday (12th January) at LCF's 'Fashion Space Gallery'.

Artist Alan Kane’s series of photographs exhibited within the hallowed walls of LCF display a collection of embroidered patches more traditionally seen sewn on to leather jackets, rucksacks and denim.

Describing these patches as “stitched tokens of defiance”, Kane explores how the patches represent a sense of rebellion and “non-conformity”. Kane exhibits the latest in his ‘quasi-anthropologic’ practice by sharing his interest in “what the wild things wear”. The traditionally rebellious aesthetic Kane favours is portrayed through his collection of patches, picture skulls, roses and military imagery. This aesthetic has arguably now become mainstream within fashion, media and music. Interestingly the aesthetic contrasts with the softer, stitched and tactile material composition. Each patch was photographed at a magnified size of 668% (the number being significant as ‘the neighbour of the beast’, yes, even more rebellion). The depth of texture displayed at this magnification gave the patches a beauty that is unable to be appreciated at their traditional size. The occasional loose thread or stitched imperfection became beautiful.

The exhibition’s title ‘Vanitas Vanitatum Omnia Vanitas ’ translates to “Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.” (Ecclesiastes 1:2). The title along with the addition of the typographical sign for a smile injects us with a sense of the artists humour.

The exhibition concludes Kane’s one-year residency at London College of Fashion and will be open until January 29th.

Fashion Space Gallery

London College of Fashion

20 John Princes Street


Open Monday-Friday 12-6pm

Written by Ester Kneen
Imagery throughout courtesy of Natalia Kneen
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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

chinny chin chin do 'council estate chic'

I've just found the latest work of sydney based design team Chinny Chin Chin (Ruth Bellotti and Adrian Elys). Check out their 'burger box gold locket' and 'the estate plate collection'.

Love it!

burger box locket - gold plated necklace

(detail of rubbish border)

Monday, 11 January 2010

A Girl's Future....

This Girl's Future lies in Marks and Spencer apparently!
I'm now working as Assistant CAD Designer at Marks and Spencer Menswear.
(I'm still a freelance designer doing other stuff too)

Inspiration Point...

Japanese Fisherman's Coat from Awaji Island

Animal Magic Knitwear

This jumper makes me ridiculously happy, and I wish I had one.

Thanks to WGSN's Cassie Fitzpatrick for highlighting this trend track and for allowing me to find possibly the sexiest jumper I've seen in my life!

Knit by Sibling, AnOther Magazine autumn/winter 2007/08

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Evrydiki's Blackboard Ring

This week I discovered an amazing 'Reclaiming Craft' piece of jewellery on Etsy. Evrydiki's Blackboard ring is a beautiful, handcrafted sterling silver ring with a mini blackboard included. Genius idea!
Check out Evrydiki's Etsy Shop for more info!