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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Drawing in Fashion

Really glad I braved Fridays cold and wet weather to see this! Some beautiful illustrations and a well curated exhibition. I would have appreciated a little more for my £8 ticket price though. Still worth a visit!

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Location:Design Museum London

Monday, 18 October 2010

Vogue - Brought to Heel

Really enjoyed Vogue Mag's 'Brought to Heel' piece this month. It celebrated the sheer magnificence of shoe couture this season.
Look in awe of McQueens 'breathtaking golden platform' that references the work of Grinling Gibbons, master woodcarver.
RIP Alexander McQueen, you genius.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Another Website Refurb...


Check out my newly updated website.
And tell all your friends to look too!
It's coming up to Christmas now and I know you want me to start making stuff for you guys!
Orders Please!

Trend Track: Faux Real- Exploring Fantasy and Escapism

Economics often inform and formulate trends. As we begin to experience recovery following a depression we can begin to reflect on its impact on design. By turning to fantasy and escapism and exploring false realities have been one of the ways designers have approached designing for a market in times of recession. The exploration of the Faux Real provides means of escapism.

Tom Binns' recession-busting jewellery line 'Faux Real' was the designers’ first collection of affordable costume jewellery providing an alternative to diamonds, rubies and emeralds. As precious metals and stones become even more of a commodity the consumer has sought alternatives. Binns' latest collection "Get Real" for Colette, Paris, is made from collaged photographs of jewellery pieces from magazines, which are then laminated in plastic.

"Now you can get your diamonds, emeralds, and ####," (Tom Binns)

Balenciaga’s deliberately inexpensive looking bracelets challenge perceptions of value. The expensive metal pieces are painted in bold colours and are subsequently made to look like their cheap, acrylic counterparts. The luxury pricetag however re-establishes the authenticity of the product.

From WGSN.com

These principles of counterfeit luxury puts into question the creditability of luxury brands. However a perhaps unexpected outcome is those high-end brands seemed to benefit in times of recession. We saw the consumer turn to quality and reject cheap fast-fashion.

In tough times there is a consumer desire for escapism, and many designers offer ‘the fanatasic’. Steven Meisel's shoot for Vogue Italia can be seen as a reaction to the prospect of cutting back in times of austerity. The model appears doll-like in an awkward position and heavily decorated from top to toe. Even wearing sparkly shoes, lots of jewellery and covered in temporary tattoos that appear drawn on, the model is overwhelmed by the eclectic mix of prints in the image’s background. The whole image screams for attention and offers an alternative reality to that of economic depression.

Temporary tattoos were also seen in the form of tattoo printed stockings on Chanel's Spring/Summer 2010 catwalks. The tattooed jewellery printed on hosiery is another form of decoration rejecting the need for cutbacks. Interestingly playing into the current massive tattoo trend reinforces the longevity of the brand. Chanel has traveled from a tradition of boucle wool suits and Audrey Hepburn to tattooed garters.


More literal uses of false realities include Skoda’s ad campaign for the Skoda Fabia in which the car and all of its components have been modelled completely out of cake. The ad sees the life-sized creation assembled by a team of bakers to the soundtrack of Julie Andrews singing ‘My Favourite Things’. The advertisement creates feelings of nostalgia and appeals to the child in everyone; it offers a lower-priced car brand the opportunity to appeal to a market hit by recession and plays into a hand-made aesthetic that is currently so appealing.

Matthias Hubner and Robert Klanten’s book ‘Tangible: High Touch Visuals’ also plays into this hand-made aesthetic. This giant McDonalds meal made from corrugated cardboard highlights the concept of mass consumption when placed in an exhibition context, the recycled, hand made aesthetic contrasts with the McDonalds branding that saturates the media.

This trend is about taking the opportunity to be innovative and about adaptation to current political and financial climates. Strong brands are always flexible to change and it will be interesting to see how design adapts to post-recession consumer.

Written by Ester Kneen

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Boxfresh hearts my jewellery....


Here's some lovely Boxfresh lovin' from the almighty journo Kieran Yates.


I love jewellery as much as the next girl- Fake dress up gold chains, hoop earrings from Peckham that say ‘Babe’ in the middle, and inappropriately large rings on my fingers- hell yes to all of the above. (After all, half of being a woman is adornment.) Recently though, I’ve been falling in love with the work of designer Ester Kneen, who does an amazing range of brooches/rings/earrings etc that are a little bit more simple and stripped down than my usual attire, but still amazing.Take a look:

skate brooch

(Rollerskate brooch)

bike brooch

Bicycle brooch

inkpot earrings

And my favourite (obvs, I’m a writer)

Inkpot earrings!! Anyway, you’ll see me donning the above alongside the gold-
(GOLDHOOPSFILIFE)-dressing up is fun fam!
Check Ester out on www.etsy.com/shop/esterkneen
Kieran x

Wallpaper Magazine's BEAUTFUL 'Handmade' Issue

I should have posted this so long ago, this is Wallpaper's 'Handmade Issue', it was full of amazing, sexy shit from cover to cover.

Check it out!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Crafty Tutorial: Customise a jumper with some amazing elbow patches!

This week I discovered there are simply not enough elbow patches in my wardrobe. The horror.

So I decided to do something about it.....

I had this great checked shirting fabric that I thought would make a lovely addition to a plain dark grey marl sweatshirt I had bought from Topshop.

I lined the fabric with a white cotton, you could use interfacing if you have any.

I also made myself a template for an elbow patch and did this purely by trial and error, cutting shapes and pinning them to a jumper i was wearing.

With my elbow patches cut out I planned their position.

The easiest way to do this is wear the jumper and use pins to mark where your elbow is.

Then pin you patch down and attach securely (I used bondaweb iron-on adhesive)

I then took my new jumper on the bus to work so I could finish attaching my patches in a decorative way. I just used a blanket stitch in a silver grey embroidery thread.
So take a plain sweatshirt, add some strategically placed patches of shirting fabric and this is what you get;

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Ps. Although I LOVE the fact I can blog on my iphone 4 I'm wondering if the quality of these posts are high enough?
I think I should probably apologise for the dodgy quality of the photos.

Friday, 20 August 2010

La Galette to stock my wares!

Im pleased to announce that La Galette in Tarragona, Spain (thats near Barcelona) will now be selling my jewellery.


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Monday, 9 August 2010

Amelias- An Interview with Masha Ma

Womenswear label Masha Ma have announced their debut at this year's London Fashion Week, so we caught up with Masha for a chat…

Written by Ester Kneen

Masha Ma, AW 2011, illustrated by Holly Exley
Womenswear label Masha Ma, described as “semi-couture”, features fabulously chic and powerful silhouettes with a contemporary yet elegant feel. The stunning structural tailoring is shown beautifully through dramatic styling and inspirational photography.  
Masha completed her MA in Womenswear at Central Saint Martins in 2008, where her collection was selected to be shown at London Fashion Week and went on to be bought by B Store. She then went on to win the ‘Mouse Ji Best International Innovation’ Award at 2009’s China Contemporary Design Contest. 
This year she will also be presenting her collection at the Palais du Louvre duringParis Fashion Week in October. And with publications such as VogueEllePop,Harper’s BazaarAnOther MagazineCosmopolitanL’Officiel and even French Playboy featuring the label it seems well on it’s way to global success. 
I caught up with Masha during her busy schedule… 

Images from Masha Ma AW 2010/11, Resort, courtesy of Masha Ma
I love your latest collection, there are some stunning silhouettes and the styling and photography is beautiful! What was your inspiration?  
The collection was inspired by Nancy Sinatra’s song, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The garments had prints with bullets on them and safety pins as embellishments all in combination with soft feminine fabrics.  
How would you describe your design principles to anyone who wasn’t familiar with your work?  
Chic, modern arrogance, semi-couture with designs that are bold yet intricate and focus on the unraveling of the female form.  
You must be excited for your London Fashion Week debut as well as your up coming collection presentation at the Louvre. How has the preparation been?  
It is an incredibly exciting time now and even though it has been so busy, my team and myself are having a great time working towards it.  
What shows are you looking forward to seeing at London Fashion Week?
We’re so busy with our own show, I don’t think I will have time to see any other shows.  
Is music important in your studio? What’s been on the stereo recently?  
Our studio has a very eclectic sound coming out of it; with so many different people working together we have all sorts of different music playing all the time. From Lady Gaga to Nouvelle Vague and Rachmaninov, we’ve got all areas covered.  

Masha Ma, SS 2010, Illustrated by Aniela Murphy
What advice would you give to anyone with the dream of pursuing a career in fashion?  
Stay focused, work hard and don’t forget to have fun. 
Are there any blogs you read religiously? Or any you find interesting or inspiring?  
I try to read as many blogs as possible; it is such an amazing new media you just can’t ignore. It would be hard to pick a favourite but I have been reading Amelia’s magazine for quite a while! 
And finally, what’s your next goal?   
Right now all the focus lies in creating the new SS11 collection. I guess my immediate goal would be, successfully getting through our London Fashion Week show and our trip to Paris. 

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Trend Track: Dior Rose

Maison Dior have created a new breed of rose, named The Jardin de Granville. The rose will be a key ingredient in the brand's Autumn Skincare Range Satine

The rose hybrid, grown completely organically, descended from a favourite wild rose of Christian Dior himself. The beautiful pink tinted petals, and the rose's tall, and almost thorn-less stems reflect Christian Dior's design aesthetic, flowers were a main source of inspiration;

"The Dior woman is a queen among women, just as the rose is the queen among flowers."

The Jardin de Granville Rose in early bloom.

The perfect petals of The Jardin de Granville Rose.

Dior evening dress. Spring/Summer 1948.

Original Christian Dior sketch. Autumn/Winter 1947/48

Images courtesy of WGSN.

Bloomsbury Retro Bowling Alley

Went to Bloomsbury Bowl recently, it was so fun!
I would definitely recommend a visit.

Welcome to my new and improved blog!

Hope you like the make-over!

I'd like to thank you for reading... now please tell everyone you know about my blog!
Cheers lovelies

Friday, 23 July 2010

I heart Mel Elliott!

At the Supermarket Sarah event I recently reviewed for Amelias Online I was very pleased to discover amazing illustrator Mel Elliott. Her installation was a large illustration with pockets of felt tips included to encourage some good old colouring in!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Wireless Festival 2010

Jay Z at Wireless was AMAZING. The man is a god!
(Gotta love a bit of Lily too)