Monday, 30 November 2009

Vogue Make Do and Mend

Vogue's More Dash than Cash issue (November 2009) had an amazing 'Make Do and Mend' theme throughout. Understandably I absolutely loved this angle. It explored 'Crafty Couture'. And what better solution to a financial crisis than DIY!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Monday, 9 November 2009

more crafty selling dates!

All Events are Free!

Sunday 15th November, Shoreditch. The Book Club, 1oo Leonard Street.
Saturday 21st November, Brixton. The Rest is Noise, 442 Brixton Road.
Sunday 29th November, Shoreditch. The Book Club, 1oo Leonard Street.
Saturday 5th December, Islington. Keston Lodge, 131 Upper Street.
Sunday 6th December, Shoreditch. The Book Club, 1oo Leonard Street.
Sunday 13th December, Islington. Keston Lodge, 131 Upper Street.
Saturday 19th December, Islington. Keston Lodge, 131 Upper Street.
Sunday 20th December, Shoreditch. The Book Club, 1oo Leonard Street.

Check out www.alittlebazaar.co.uk for more info.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tokyo 2009 - A Crafter's Paradise

Since travelling to Tokyo this Summer I've been in a state of crafting bliss. I've discovered it's a crafters paradise!

Nippori', Tokyo's textile district is an amazing source of crafty goodies. The whole district has plenty to offer in the way of fabric, however for a complete crafty consumer experience visit Tomato. It’s three shops and a total of 9 floors of crafter’s heaven! Now heaven for this particular crafter means amazing, kitsch, unusual patterned fabric at really low prices, and for this Tomato delivers. I ended up buying so much fabric I had to get it shipped home to avoid baggage excess charges. Other places not to miss in Nippori are the Kumagai button shop and deco den, an amazing source of all things sparkly, selling adhesive gems for your phone, laptop, camera or anything else!

Another of Tokyo’s crafty gems is Okadaya in Shinjuku, a treasure trove for all things creative. I left with a bag of buttons, a decorative bird cage, some ribbons and some eyelashes! Shinjuku being one of the busiest districts of Tokyo hosts a variety of shops to suit a crafter, I found every other shop had something to offer.

Aside from Tokyo’s amazing source of crafty goodies it is a city full of inspiration. It’s a hub of all things fashionable, a trendspotters dream. Perhaps the most obvious evidence of this are the Harajuku princesses that flock to a small bridge (Jingubashi) just outside Harajuku station. Dressed in their Sunday best (yes, the best day to see them is a Sunday), these girls step into the tourist limelight for the day to celebrate all things Cosplay. Cosplay, or costume replay is a form of performance art, where the players are dressed in manga and anime themed attire. For some it’s merely a social gathering with like-minded, amazingly dressed people, for others it’s a performance, and Harajuku is a stage. Metres away from all the Harajuku action is the entrance to the Meiji shrine, built to honour the lives of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shóken in 1921. It’s a beautiful shrine with a lovely walk through a woodland area, the perfect opportunity for some peace and quiet after the Cosplay madness!

I wanted to convey Japan’s simplistic, clean, classic design ethos alongside Tokyo’s eccentric and electric personality, I mirrored this idea in my ‘how to’ guide. The Japanese simplistic cut with an eccentric material finish sums up Tokyo completely. The trip was an amazing experience and I’d recommend it to anyone, I’m just waiting for the day I can go back!

     * dreaming!
     * You can buy the weaving loom necklace im wearing at my Etsy shop!