Tuesday, 27 October 2009

An E-mailed Response to my Reclaiming Craft article for Amelia's Magazine....

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From: MacDonald.Elizabeth
To: Queen Ester Kneen
Subject: Reclaiming Craft Project
Sent: 2 Oct 2009 16:51

Came across your Reclaiming Craft Project via Amelia's Magazine.  I found
it really inspiring.  I have been trying to bring my sewing into new
spaces, mostly business and office space.  I find people's reactions to
be very interesting to craft in these spaces.  There is the puzzlement,
the disgust (you are not being serious enough), and occassional

I am a senior policy analyst for the government and sew as I read,
attend meetings and participate in conferences.  I find it personally
fufilling to have something real at the end of a long meeting.  In part I
began to do this as it also helps with various learning disabilities and
the crafting helps me listen and absorb information better.  But it also
brings colour and creativity to work that is very creative conceptually,
but done in the drab colourless office cubicles of government. 

I loved your dress with the sewing supplies attached.  My children are
always taking my tools to use for their projects and having them
attached would be awsome.  I also enjoyed the "coming out" with the
sewing aspect of it.  I am sometimes challenged by fear of wearing my
sewing - that it will look homesewn and not it a good way, but that
dress puts the hand sewn out in the open.  Thanks for sharing your

Elizabeth MacDonald

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  1. Thanks to Elizabeth for a lovely e-mail!
    It's always lovely to hear from anyone with a similar design ethos to my own, especially a passionate crafter!